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  • Morning Glory. The stories on There, There approach the subject more obliquely than on Total Death Benefit, where the joy of life on the margins ultimately won out over the nagging feeling that one should get one's act together. There, There, with a title that suggests " and mocks " the futility of comfort, creeps sideways toward a conclusion that's much more nuanced " and which isn't a conclusion, in the final sense, at all. Since the wreckage we feel inside is on the outside for everyone to see, what now?
    BY Alison Fensterstock - Gamit Weekly
  • Allen's songs are a series of eulogies and apologies set to the uncompromising rhythm of a drunken Decatur Street crawl. "There there" (2007) is Happy Talk Band's second release and Gallatin Street Files and Archaic Media's (GFAM) first
  • The Happy Talk Band show at the Bingo Tent, it was one of the better shows I've seen. Everyone looked exhausted, drunk, crazed, or some combination thereof. Several musicians' bags under their eyes had bags under their eyes. Yet they powered through singer/songwriter Luke Allen's songs with a desperate intensity most befitting of the subjects of said songs - Gamibit Daily
  • Party Like a Rock Star - Happy Talk Band front man Luke Allen is known for his trenchant eye for life in New Orleans' bottom-of-the-bottle bohemia. The band's two albums, Total Death Benefit and There, There are often wrenchingly intimate, beautifully sketched portraits of downtown life.
    -- bestofneworleans.com
  • The Circle Bar - The Happy Talk Band played heart-wrenching, mournful country/rock/folk songs Friday night at The Circle Bar. They commanded an audience hush with their soft touch, and they instigated knee-rockin' with well-crafted melodies and rock guitar solos. There wasn't a bad song in the bunch.
    -- liveneworleans.com


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